Router IP Address – Default Username and Password

If you continue to experience problems when attempting to log in, the first thing to do is double check that you are definitely entering the right 192.168.l.254 router ip address. Pay careful attention to the placement of the dots and avoid any unnecessary prefixes or suffixes. If the login box does not appear, your router may have a different address.

How do I find my Router’s Default IP Gateway?

If typing in your browser’s address bar reults in a time-out error, your router may be using another defaut IP address. You can find the right IP address in Windows by launching ‘Command Prompt;. From there, type “ipconfig” and press ‘Enter’. Your router’s IP address will then be displayed next to the words ‘Default Gateway’. If the displayed IP address is different, make a note of it and enter that into your browser’s address bar instead.

If you are not using a Windows device and cannot launch ‘Command Prompt’, you could try entering one of the other common Default Gateway IP addresses that are often allocated to routers on private or home networks. Some of the best options (other than to try include:,, and

Common Router IP Address Mistypes:

If you are unable to even load the router login page, you may have mistyped the IP address or entered it in the wrong address bar. Remember that the IP address must be typed in your browser’s URL address bar, and not in the Search Bar. Type in: where you would normally enter the URL address of a website, and press ENTER. This should load the router login page.

A very common mistake by new users is to leave out one or more of the Full Stops in the IP address. Another is to use the letter “L” instead of the number “1”, or the letter “O” instead of the number “0”.

These mistypes are all WRONG:


192.168 l.254

192.168 l 254


192.168 1.254

192.168 1 254

192.168 254


http 192.168 l 254


The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are:

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