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Siva Balaji is formally the winner of the primary ever season of Bigg Boss Telugu. The actor was given the title of the truth show and a money prize of fifty large integer last night by boy NTR when seventy one days of with success extant the house.

According to Tarak, out of the twelve large integer odd votes received for the ultimate week, Shiva Balaji won a record of three large integer forty large integer votes. whereas the Arya actor took home fifty large integer, Adarsh was named the runner up with eight and a 0.5 large integer votes. astonishingly, Hari Teja and Navdeep World Health Organization were each thought of sturdy contestants and conjointly season favourites were hierarchical third and fourth severally. Archana took the last place among the finalists.

“Really happy to visualize the audience vote this manner, I failed to expect to be here and that i continually thought i’ll get eliminated manner before. I continually bear in mind language, i’ll exit solely with the audience would like for it. Also, i’m here these days majorly attributable to my housemates. I credit them 100% for serving to ME end this journey therefore peacefully,” same Shiva Balaji. The season one winner signed off thanking the audience for the surprising response and expressing love for his spouse Madhu and therefore the housemates.

Along with Tarak, the grand finale on hotstar app conjointly saw director Devi Sri Prasad take over the stage in a very special look. the 2 grooved to the famed ‘Where is that the Panchakatu’ from Adhurs among different tracks and kick started the ultimate episode. there have been conjointly spirited performances by blue blood, Diksha, Madhupriya et al. from the ex-housemates.

Siva Balaji created an instantaneous entry into the finals, when being appointed because the captain throughout the last week of eliminations. But, the actor throughout the primary few weeks really received large flak for being the ‘angry young man’ of the house and Janus-faced many elimination weeks.

His famed bickering with Adarsh and different outbursts place him within the spotlight for quite someday. but the previous couple of weeks modified the ball game. Shiva Balaji and Hari Teja became the new best buds whereas he conjointly established an honest relation with Diksha and his relationship with Navdeep was acknowledge. therefore with majority votes and like Dhanraj quoted ‘huge aerodrome cutouts’ Shiva Balaji took home the title.

From OPPO selfie moments of the seventy one days to mood swings, makeovers, Shiva Balaji’s trademark dishes, Navdeep’s entertaining statement and Archana’s cutie camera, the build up to the ultimate week was sort of a good throwback to the complete journey and undoubtedly stirred tons of emotions.

The last week within the house saw all the Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale Live Streaming in the house and later take the stage with boy NTR. everybody except Kalpana and Mumaith Khan were gift within the house to celebrate the grand finale in conjunction with the 5 finalists – Shiva Balaji, Adarsh, Archana, Hari Teja and Navdeep.

Diksha Panth World Health Organization was the last to be eliminated this season, walked in to the house 1st and shocked contestants together with her tone of entry. She left housemates at a loss regarding whether or not she was still within the game or she was simply visiting. Later with the entry of previous contestants like Sameer, Sampoornesh baboo and blue blood, the atmosphere modified.

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