Eyelash Extension

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Eyelash extensions are individual, synthetic fibers applied by hand, one at a time. Using specialized, semi-permanent adhesive we will secure these synthetic lashes to your own natural ones, giving you the look of longer, fuller, more glamorous-looking eyelashes. From beauty queens to the minimalist and everyone in between, all agree that eyelash extensions are the key to waking up gorgeous and feeling confident enough to run out of the house makeup-free.

Eyelash extensions can last up to 4-8 weeks with proper care and will remain affixed to your natural lashes until the extensions fall off on their own. Being semi-permanent makes lash extensions perfect for special occasions, for when you’re traveling, or if you simply want to try them out. Those who love their eyelash extensions and wish to keep them on long-term will opt for maintenance every two weeks to fill in the lashes that have naturally fallen off.


Classic Full Set | $180
1 Week Fill | $45
2 Week Fill (40%-45% lash loss) | $75
Lash Boost Fill (45%-55% lash loss) | $100
Extended Fill (55%-60% lash loss) | $115
(60%+ loss is subject to full set application fee.)
Lash Extensions Removal | $50 and Up
Lash Consultation and Allergy Test | $30