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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo like procedure lasting up to 12-18 months. A handheld tool/microblade will be used to drawl hair-like strokes into the skin to give you the look of fuller, more defined, darker eyebrows. You can even recreate the whole look of your eyebrow. It’s incredible!

If you would like to pre-book an initial 30-minute consultation to map out the brows, look at colors, and take a patch test (to make sure you’re not allergic to either the numbing agent or pigment), please call us to schedule. This consultation service is $30 and is not required as we will map out the brows during your first treatment.

Microblading should be scheduled when you have downtime to let them heal and keep them clean. Please do not schedule this treatment within two weeks before a vacation, special event, or camping.

Your microbladed brows will darken over the first 4 days, after which they will start to peel. You must not pick at your brows during this time. During the first 10 days, they will be changing in appearance due to the healing process.

The process of microblading will take two sessions to complete and get your brows looking perfect. The second session is generally scheduled to take place 4 to 7 weeks after your first appointment.

The second session will be the fine tuning and perfecting treatment, where we will address any areas that may not have held from the first treatment. You might also wish to add in a darker or light color at this time.

CALL: 707.738.9511

Prior to your appointment

  • If you have the time to wash your face and only come in with your brow makeup done, this is ideal. Wearing a headband or ponytail is helpful, too.
  • No alcohol, Tylenol, or Advil for 48 hours prior to your treatment as these can thin your blood.
  • We recommend that you plan to take time to relax at home after your appointment.
  • If you have an autoimmune disorder, please consult your doctor prior to scheduling your treatment with us.
  • We cannot perform any microblading on you if you are pregnant, diabetic, are prone to keloid scars, or are on any blood-thinning medications.

After care instructions

The first day after your treatment, your brows will be a somewhat tender and about 40% darker than the final result. Please do not touch them at this time! Keep your brows clean and use our sweet almond oil to protect them. Aquaphor ointment can be used before showering to protect your brows from too much water exposure. Please purchase a tube of this from any drug store prior to your appointment. You may ice the brow area after your treatment or the next day if you feel it’s necessary. Please make sure the ice is in a clean baggie and do not reuse.

For the first 7-14 days, you will need to avoid excessive sweating or heavy workouts.  Do not put anything on your brows except for the sweet almond oil & ointment. Absolutely no sun exposure during this time! You will need to stay out of the sun or wear a hat to protect your exposed brows. Treat it like a wound: Think clean, clean, clean!

A gentle water rinse is okay 1x a day after the first 12 hours but please keep in mind that excess water is not good for the pigment.
After 30 days your brows will be done with the healing process. You will have a better feel of how they look at that point. You may use your SPF & makeup on the area after those first 30 days.

Long term care

SPF is a must!

  • No acne / anti-aging products on the brow as it can fade or change the color of the pigment.
  • Glycolic, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and retinol / retin-A should never be used on your microbladed brows. Please be mindful when you are using your products.