Pure Skin Spa Extra Massage Luxuries

Customize your massage to your exact preferences. At just $20 each, these optional add-ons are an excellent value for even more intensive, luxurious relaxation. Choose one or more and experience pure bliss.

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Deep Tissue | $20

The deep tissue add-on allows your therapist to work more deeply on tense, knotted muscles for maximum relaxation.

Extended Scalp Massage | $20

Though it’s an often-overlooked area, your scalp is packed with nerve endings. Relax and delight in some in-depth scalp care.

Extended Facial Massage | $20

We incorporate our famous orange cleansing soufflé into this relaxing facial massage, and a warm towel soothes the skin even further. We finish with a moisturizer chosen specifically for your skin type. A wonderful treat for everyone!

Extended Foot Massage | $20

Designed to relieve strain and invigorate tired feet, this add-on combines extended massage with hot towels for soothing relief. The optional peppermint essential oil provides added pep.

Extended Neck Massage | $20

Our massage therapists report that many clients carry extra tension in the neck area. Relax those tight muscles with some added attention. We use heat and an optional peppermint essential oil to smooth away any knots.