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Pure Skin Spa WaxingOur estheticians use the most gentle, hygienic product available—Nudess Nufree. It’s botanically based and is technically not a wax, so it won’t stick to skin or cause irritation. And it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial, giving you a completely sanitary hair removal experience. Nudess Nufree is the ideal product to get rid of stubborn hair with as little discomfort as possible—even on the most sensitive skin.

We’ve trained our estheticians to provide you with the most comfortable and hygienic (no double dipping!) experience possible. Whether you want to remove a little or a lot, come see us—our staff will make sure you get the precise look you desire in an environment you can


This is an ideal service for first-time waxers or those who just want a little clean-up. Imagine that you’re wearing standard or full-coverage underwear. Any hair extending beyond the sides of the underwear will be removed. View Bikini Wax Guide

$40 and Up | Basic Bikini

When you’re looking for something a little more defined than the basic bikini but you don’t want to take it all the way to a Brazilian, this is the service for you. We’ll take off excess hair along the sides and at the top so you can wear an itty-bitty swimsuit bottom, but you won’t feel too bare.
View Bikini Wax Guide

$45 and Up | Defined Bikini

The Brazilian is the perfect combination of naughty and nice, making it our most popular wax. Choose this option when you want to be smooth all over, with just a strip of hair in front that can be as thin or thick as you desire. Our experienced estheticians work quickly but thoroughly to make this wax as painless as possible. Come experience the Brazilian mystique. You (and that special someone) will love it!
View Bikini Wax Guide

$55 and Up | Brazillian Bikini

Do you dare to go bare? This option leaves you clean as a whistle. You’ll be completely smooth everywhere below the belly button (and we do mean everywhere—unless you tell us otherwise), with no trace of unwanted hair.
View Bikini Wax Guide

$60 and Up | Bare Bikini


Eyebrow Wax: $25
Eyebrow Design: $30
Brow and Lip: $35
Lip and Chin: $15 and up
Neck: $20 and up
Side of Face: $20
Full Face: $55
Full Face and Neck (Including Brows): $65+
Underarms: $25
Half Leg: $45 and up
Half Leg + Knee: $50 and up
Full Legs: $80 and up
Half Arms: $45 and up
Full Arms: $66 and up
Tummy: $20 and up
Bikini Wax: $40 and up
Defined Bikini: $45 and up
Brazilian Bikini: $55 and up
Bare Bikini: $60 and up

Brow Tint $25    Lash Tint $35

Brow Lamination $85    Lash Lift $100




Eyebrow Wax and Trim: $20 and up
Ears: $20
Nape of Neck: $20 and up
Back: $65 and Up

Back and Chest: $130 and up
Back and Shoulders: $75 and up

Hands: $40
Chest: $65 and up
Half Arms: $70  and up
Full Arms: $95 and Up
Lower Legs: $85 and up
Full Legs: $175 and up (excludes bikini zone)