What products will lead the breasts to tone and increase it?

One of the main claims to its appearance among the beautiful half of humanity at all times was the size of the bust. Many owners of modest forms are secretly envious of pompous ladies, dreaming of becoming owners of a chic bust. Can products affect the size of a woman’s bust? Modern science responds positively. How can I increase my breast size naturally. Including them in the daily diet, you will achieve the long-awaited breast enlargement. And without any operations.

Today, you can enlarge your chest with plastic surgery – but it’s expensive and not always possible. Therefore, among the women still live myths about miracle products, making the breasts more without operations and exercises, most importantly – there are their regularly.

The Myth of Cabbage

Many mothers and grandmothers told the girls in their childhood – “eat more cabbage, then the breast will grow”, and many of us believed in it, laying on cabbage soup, cabbage salads, and salads. But most cabbages did not help to have chic shapes.

Scientists with a smile assure that this statement can be considered truthful only with great reserve, and only for teenagers. Why? It’s simple: cabbage is a source of valuable fiber and vitamins, minerals while having a low-calorie content. During the period of active growth and development of the body, a teenager needs to have a healthy intestine, regularly emptying, and also constantly replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals.

Products for breast augmentation: myths and reality

Therefore, cabbage is useful to eat as a natural vitamin-mineral supplement, but with the same success, you can eat tomatoes, cucumbers or garlic. But on the hormonal exchange and the genetic program of the body, which together, in fact, and set the size of the chest, cabbage cannot affect.

Myth of phytoestrogens

Almost all women know that the breast is growing due to estrogen, which secretes the female body during puberty. In addition, many of us have heard that some foods contain phytoestrogens, plant analogs of the female sex hormone. If you use these products, consider some, perhaps phytoestrogens will have an effect similar to real estrogens?

Of course, if you consume a large number of products with phytoestrogens, they will have some effect on the woman’s body – weight gain and rounding of the forms, but the excess of these substances can have side effects up to oncological diseases, stomach ulcers, metabolic disorders and obesity.

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